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Marksmen Gets Into Domain Sales Business

Company known for acquisitions starts pushing domain names for sale.

Intellectual Property firm Marksmen is starting to play both sides of the field.

The company has long been known in the domain name industry as a stealth domain name acquisition company. It works on behalf of large companies “who want to keep their identity and costs on the down low.”

Now the company is getting into the sales side as well, launching a site called Name Quiver. The company is currently marketing some big money domains including Social.com, Juice.com, WorldClock.com, and BasketballDraft.com.

It looks like Juice.com was acquired from Microsoft earlier this year.

Marksmen has been somewhat controversial in the domain name community for some of its tactics. For example, it tried to acquire the domain name Oasis.com on behalf of a client. When it was unsuccessful the client filed a UDRP and used a sworn affidavit from Marksmen attesting to the domain owner’s price demands.

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  1. Landon White

    Have Criminal Conspiracy and or theft by deception charges ever been legally explored,
    against a corporate domain hijacker

    in that …

    a UDRP hearing does provided pre-meditation evidence of record?

  2. Name Names

    The domain names listed at namequiver make me quiver. They are as nonsensical as landon white’s comments. Marksmen has missed the mark

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