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Queen Cancels Holiday Party, But Go Daddy Goes All In

Domain registrar to continue tradition of big holiday parties.

The latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek has a story titled “The End of the Office Holiday Party” that prominently features domain name registrar Go Daddy.

The article starts off by mentioning that Queen Elizabeth II canceled this year’s Christmas Party, saying it wouldn’t be right to throw a lavish party while asking everyone else to cut back.

But there’s one company that’s not cutting back, and it’s right here in our industry. Go Daddy will again return to Chase Field in Phoenix for its annual shindig. Over 6,000 people are expected to attend the December event including Go Daddy Girls race car driver Danica Patrick, personal trainer Jillian Michaels, singer Ella Koon, and poker player Vanessa Rousso. Company founder Bob Parsons has also lined up three major bands to perform.

Parsons told Bloomberg Businessweek that he will dole out $1 million in cash to company employees during the party.

“I’ll give away a million bucks by pulling names out of a hat. And when I give money away, I pay the taxes on it,” he says. “I don’t want to be the richest guy in the graveyard.”

Not bad.

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  1. Poor Uncle says

    Good for Bob Parsons and Godaddy. I have long been a contractor and don’t get invited to company parties. (God knows why). But, still remember the days when I was an employee and going to company parties. It was fun. Great to see co-workers outside of the work environment. I wish every company would throw a Christmas party. Great for morale. AND…do invite us contractors!

  2. Dean says

    As bad a rap Godaddy get’s sometimes in this industry, I doubt that higher profile companies line Sedo and Moniker show that kind of generosity towards their employees.

  3. jorge says

    @Andrew: You’re so right. I guess I’m just used to all my crappy BunchOfWordsCombinedTogether.com domains. If only I had more good ones 😉

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