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Fox Loses Free Speech Trademark Battle with DISH Network

Fox may be back on the error, but DISH can keep its Fox domain names.

Dish Network and News Corporation’s Fox Networks may have settled their contract dispute, but there was still an outstanding issue over some domain names. In this battle, DISH Network won.

After Fox pulled some of its channels from DISH Network this fall, DISH registered a number of domain names to bring attention to the issue:


Fox filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum arguing that the domain names violated its trademark and should be handed over. But a three person panel issued a ruling today disagreeing with Fox. Two of the three panel members said that anyone visiting these domain names would clearly understand they weren’t affiliated with Fox. They said it was an example of free speech.

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  1. Landon White

    Must be because it is close to Xmas 🙂

    Carolyn Marks Johnson, kiss my **s

    I am sure you Honorably refused your
    ‘Panelist Fee’ Comrade, NOT!

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