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Elliot Silver Launches Domain Q&A Site DomainQuestions.com

New site makes it easy to ask and answer questions about domain names.

Elliot Silver of ElliotsBlog.com launched a new site for the domain name industry today — DomainQuestions.com. The site makes it easy for domainers to ask questions and get answers from the community, including Elliot himself.

The idea stemmed from a problem Elliot encountered.

“Just about every day, I receive at least a couple of emails asking for some insight and advice about domain names covering topics that include sales, development, investment, and everything in between,” said Silver.

But he said it’s difficult to personally answer each question and often times he’s not the best person to respond. That’s when he decided to try the community approach.

“I decided that I would set up a new website where people could ask these questions, and I can answer them while allowing others to answer the questions as well,” he explained. “Instead of getting only one answer from me, these people will hopefully receive a number of answers from others with different backgrounds.”

As with other Q&A sites, users can ask and answer questions, vote on the best answers, etc.

Elliot recently bought the DomainQuestions.com domain name through BuyDomains broker Sonia Doubet.

DotSauce also offers a Q&A forum. I suspect both sites attract a different type of reader, and Mark Fulton and Elliot Silver have very different backgrounds, so I think both of these sites can be valuable to domainers.

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    • Andrew Allemann

      It’s hard to keep things like this maintained. But if Elliot is able to spend part of the time he takes personally responding right now and apply that to the DomainQuestions.com site, it will be very good.

  1. Leonard Britt

    This site could also be used to answer basic questions of non-domainers as to what to look for in a domain, why aftermarket domains purchases are justified, what is and is not domain squatting, etc.

  2. Elliot

    Thanks for the mention Andrew.

    @ Leonard

    I would say more than half of the questions I receive are from people who aren’t involved in the domain business at all and found my contact information using Google.

  3. Jessica

    Wow! This is a terrific idea, Elliot. Very helpful not only to domainers but to non-domainers also who wonder what kind world we live in and maybe they will be encouraged to join. 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful initiative.

  4. Jason

    Good idea Elliot. You don’t have to refer a&a questions to DNForum. Work hard on the site, because you will be flooded with questions.

    Everyone used to laugh at me when I asked questions. However, I learned quick. Elliot helped me to avoid mistakes.

    We have to ask questions to learn about the business. As you mentioned in the past, reading is the key to becoming successful.

    Cool article Andrew. Good luck Elliot.

    Domaining Mojo

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