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.Org Prices to Increase in April

Wholesale cost for .org domain registrations increases next year.

The wholesale price for registering a .org domain name will increase in April 2011.

In a short letter to ICANN dated yesterday, .org registry Public Interest Registry said it will increase the annual price to $7.21 beginning April 1. This does not include ICANN fees.

As a point of reference, GoDaddy’s retail price for .org is $14.99 plus the 18 cent ICANN fee each year. So a registrar with a healthy margin already baked in may not pass the cost along to consumers.

VeriSign has already increased .com and .net prices this year and is likely to do so again next year. Last time VeriSign increased prices we saw several other registries issue their own price hikes, often times citing other registries’ moves as justification for increasing their own.

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  1. George Kirikos

    This is of course pure greed by the registry operators, as most technology costs are falling, not rising. There should be mandatory periodic tenders of registry contracts to the lowest bidder (for a fixed set of specifications), like any other procurement contract.

  2. Meyer

    I totally agree with George about being
    pure greed.

    Regarding Verisign, if they increase prices
    again and Icann considers renewing their
    contract, you know there is some type of

  3. dotuk4ever

    And this is why it always amazes me that certain members of the secondary market, crucify .uk for not cutting it’s prices. All because of their misinterpretation of ‘not for profit’.

    Good on ya Nominet, well done for not being sucked into the domain name profiteering. £5 from 2000 and never any increase. Bargain.

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