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Angels.com Sells for $200,000

Broker sells Angels.com domain name.

Sedo has sold the domain name Angels.com for $200,000 according to the company’s updated sales feed. The domain name is currently pending transfer.

Earlier this month I pointed out that the domain being listed for auction presented another chance for Major League Baseball to pick up the domain name. Major League Baseball tried to get the domain name through a UDRP filing earlier but failed. At the time the seller wanted $300,000 for the domain.

At $200,000, I’d be shocked if MLB didn’t buy this domain. Angels.com is one of just 7 team names that the league doesn’t own. It passed on a chance to buy Athletics.com at the DOMAINfest auction, but don’t be surprised if they come to a deal on that later. The league forwards the domains to its MLB.com web site.

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  1. Greg Nelson

    A great deal for MLB. Interestingly, my very initial gut thought Venture Capital. Then 1 second later MLB. Nice pick-up for sure.

  2. hire

    beautiful domain. beautiful

    i hope it wont be redirected and wasted to the mlb
    95% isn’t interested for starters about mlb lol

    this domainn deserves to be developed into an entrepreneur hub, with resident angels

    gimme the domain bitches

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