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Google May Change Domain Parking Requirements

DNS parking may be required in the future.

A few days ago Sedo informed its customers that its primary advertising provider (read: Google) may change the way it allows domains to be parked. URL forwarding will be out and all domains will need to be parked using DNS. This change has been rumored for a while and likely has to do with tighter control and transparency for parked domains, as well as changes to how parked ads are served technically.

According to the communication from Sedo:

Based on current discussions it is possible that our ad provider will cease its provision of advertising to URL-parked pages and in consequence only support DNS parked domains.

This step is considered by the online advertising provider in response to advertiser feedback and would affect all URL-parking customers at all parking companies worldwide that share this advertising provider. This change could happen in the near future (potentially as early as the fourth quarter of 2010) and we wanted you to have this information in advance to take into account for your internal planning.

If you already have your domains parked with a particular companies nameservers such as ns1.sedoparking.com, this won’t affect you.

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  1. Meyer says

    I wonder if they are trying to elliminate
    operations like ‘above’ or arbitrage. ??

    But, will it not effect the larger domainers
    that use their own private dns?

  2. domainer says

    Since when does giving up control of your DNS mean “tighter control and transparency”?!

    This sounds more like a tactic being used by Sedo to sway people away from services like Above and lock them into their own platform.

    The only other references I can find to this are rewrites of this article. There are no sources or additional information. I do not believe this RUMOR.

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