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Moniker’s Live Auction Catalog is Its Best Ever

Auction will be huge if those with big pockets show up.

Next week Moniker will hold an auction at DOMAINfest New York. The list of domain names is by far the best Moniker has ever put together for a live auction. Just look at this sample:


It’s a fantastic list. That doesn’t guarantee success, though. Many of these domains are very, very expensive. Will buyers with enough cash show up? In Moniker’s favor, it released the preliminary list of domains early, which gives seven figure buyers time to coordinate or line up financing.

Hopefully Major League Baseball is paying attention. Athletics.com is on the block, and that’s one of just 7 team names MLB doesn’t own. But it will have to pony up at least a half million to buy it.

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  1. mike

    Great names. Unless the major companies like MLB, etc are aware they will lose out and most likely pay millions more in the future.

  2. Tim

    Great list indeed….Moniker is killing the competition more thoroughly than I have ever seen in this industry.

  3. Dean

    It looks like things are heating up in the conference/live auction circuit. The quality overall seems to improving across the board. Moniker’s list is top notch, while the domain names that Rick Latona has been leaking to the public for TRAFFIC Dublin look to be some of the best in some time. Glad to see it.

  4. Nero

    Yeah, great…

    This is called selling at the top, people. The domain market is less than a year from completely crashing, as in, domains today will sell at a 70%-90% discount one year from now. Just watch.

  5. Adam

    Lots of eye candy. I sure hope that they can pull off a great auction. The sales space could use a little boost.

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