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VeriSign Gets Patent Related to Internationalized Domain Names

Patent is for method of registering and using IDNs.

verisign idnThe U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted U.S. patent number 7,774,432 to VeriSign for
Registering and using multilingual domain names. The patent application was a continuation of a 2001 application that was abandoned, and a provisional application from 2000. This particular application was filed in 2007.

The abstract for the patent sums it up:

A method, system, and computer-readable medium are described for registering and using multilingual domain names that include characters outside the ASCII character subset supported by the DNS system. Such multilingual domain names can in some situations be registered by first being converted into appropriate ASCII-Compatible Encodings (ACEs) that represent the corresponding multilingual domain names and that use only characters within the ASCII character subset. In addition, a variety of binary variants may be generated at registration for each multilingual domain name and then used as equivalents for the multilingual domain name, such as by storing the variants in the registry as alternative domain names or by otherwise reserving the binary variants. When requests to resolve such a registered multilingual domain name into a corresponding IP address or URL are received, the stored binary variants and/or ACE information can then be used to respond in an appropriate manner.

You can view the patent here (pdf).

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  1. Louise says

    Thanx for the heads-up! Verisign is getting into the IDN business – notified Aaron Kravitz and look forward to his comment here!

    Verisign already set up its “suggestion” service on this Russian Registrar homepage: http://www.webnames.ru/scripts/namecheck.pl

    Verisign collects data which it upsells to Registrars. Now it will be doing this, and “otherwise reserving the binary variants” with regard to IDNs. Registrars will likely have first choice on the best domain names, based on popularity and trends of searches. See Verisign’s promotional page to Registrars:

    Internet Profile Service for Registrars
    Domain Name Intelligence for Domain Names and Renewals

    You may view my site, RecoverDomainName only in IE. It is a target of fierce attempts to take it down.

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