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AntiCybersquatting Lawsuit Filed Against ChicagoRestaurant.com

Shunned by UDRP, former domain owner takes his case to court.

After losing a UDRP case for the domain name ChicagoRestaurant.com, Chicago Restaurant & Entertainment Guide, Inc., has filed an in rem lawsuit against the domain name alleging cybersquatting.

Before you yell “that’s a generic!”, you should know that this domain name was allegedly stolen. The plaintiff had registered the domain and kept the whois email in the name of a technology service provider. That service provider went out of business and let its domain name expire. Then it appears someone registered the domain of the service provider, set up an email address that was the same as listed in whois, and transferred the domain name.

The lawsuit is available here (pdf). (Note to the plaintiff’s lawyers: Go Daddy isn’t the registry for .com as noted in the suit.)

Until it’s resolved, you’ll find the owner at DiningChicago.com.

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  1. Tim Davids says

    wow…I had followed that name a bit. I used to watch the TV show that used it as their site. Lame show btw.

    I was watching it cause I own ChicagoRestaurants.org and would have loved to have that honey 🙂

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