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GoDaddy to Launch x.co URL Shortener

Coming soon, x.co URL shortener.

Domain name registrar GoDaddy is releasing a new URL shortener at x.co, according to a tweet by company founder and CEO Bob Parsons:

This is likely a .co “founder’s program” deal. .Co has already done a deal with Twitter for t.co, which will be Twitter’s own URL shortener services. .Co is Colombia’s country code top level domain name, which is currently being liberalized.

The domain registrar is one of ten accredited registrars for .co domain names, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it is upping the ante with registry .Co Internet.

Still, it will be interesting to see how GoDaddy positions the URL shortener. There are plenty of shorteners on the market, and Twitter will soon begin wrapping all links in t.co. It seems that the registrar will need to find a way to integrate the shortener into its other products to make it really gain traction. Many of the company’s employees currently use a .me shortener, and the .me registry is a partnership involving GoDaddy.

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  1. John Berryhill says

    There are still a couple of good 64 character .com names available for the soon-to-be-booming URL lengthener market.

  2. Owen Williams says

    On a serious note, http://urlshorteners.org is a new business organization that lists over 1300 URL shortener sites with the intent of trying to bring some order and standards to this wild wild west land run. Also, I doubt that godaddy’s shortener will beat the ten additional features over and above simple shortening and custom names that http://OneCent.US offers. They are all over the news lately in their battle against bit.ly and are a going to be a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Jon Kimball says

    @Owen, You probably could pare down that list of shorteners if you got rid of some of the duplicates (u.nu and is.gd are listed six times each, yet urlshorteningservicefortwitter.com has no listing at all? Some might consider that length discrimination.

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