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Name Administration Reaches Settlement over Cheat Code Mark

Company settles trademark dispute.

Frank Schilling’s company Name Administration has reached a settlement with the holder of a trademark for Cheat Code, according to documents at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Late last year CheatCodes.com LLC started going after people who had “cheat code” in their domain names, thanks to somehow slipping the generic term “Cheat Code” past a USPTO examiner. It went after small webmasters, but also sent a demand to Name Administration for its CheatCode.com domain name. That was a mistake.

Name Administration filed for cancellation of the Cheat Code mark in November. On June 10 Name Administration’s lawyers informed the USPTO that a settlement was reached and dismissed the case.

Details of the settlement have not been made public. However, the withdrawal of the Petition for Cancellation means the trademark stands for now, which is not good news to smaller players who have been threatened by CheatCodes.com. Unless, of course, CheatCodes.com LLC is a bit more gun shy now.

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  1. Zak Muscovitch

    JUST LOVE IT. WTG. This is what Emall.ca did when a travel agent came around about CHEAPTICKETS.CA, and Emall.ca canceled the agency’s CHEAP TICKETS trademark. The best defense is a good offense….

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