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ZeniMax Buys Rage.com for Upcoming Rage Video Game

Video game creator shoots bullseye with domain name purchase.

A long awaited video game has a new home on the web – Rage.com.

ZeniMax Media Inc. purchased the domain name from a man in Great Britain for $49,999, and is now forwarding the domain name to rage.bethsoft.com (Bethsoft is the publisher). The deal was handled through Sedo. The seller moved his web site to RageLive.com.

That a company would spend so much for a domain name for a video game should come as little surprise. Video game making has become a huge financial undertaking, and $50,000 is just a drop in the bucket. Plus, Rage has been a much-hyped video game, first announced in 2007. Back then id Software introduced the idea for the game, and ZeniMax since acquired the company. At one point video game giant Electronic Arts was also involved. The latest word is that the game isn’t coming out until next year.

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  1. Brad says

    With the amount of money that goes into developing and promoting a video game that seems like a great buy at a very fair price.

    They probably spend more putting a couple ads in a gaming magazine.


  2. Aron says

    Great name. I feel they got a bargain for such a memorable brand name.

    Great name, good to see them putting it to use.


  3. pred says

    congrats Jon, i always felt you would get more but this is the minimum you should have taken.
    congrats on sale

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