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Adsense Discloses Revenue Share: 68%

Google discloses how much it pays its publishers.

After many years of complaining from publishers, Google has done an about-face on its stance on not disclosing how much money it passes along to its Adsense publishers.

In a blog post this morning, the company disclosed the numbers:

-68% of ad revenue paid to Adsense for Content Publishers
-51% of ad revenue paid to Adsense for Search Publishers

Furthermore, the company confirmed that it has paid out the same percentage to Content publishers since it launched the program in 2003. It has paid Search publishers 51% since 2005, when it increased the payout.

Interestingly, parking companies tell me they tend to get 65% to 75% revenue share from Google. If small publishers are getting 68%, that seems low for an aggregator. But consider that parking companies often access the search feed, which pays a lower percentage. Also, Google did not disclose how much it is paying from its “Adsense for Domains – Online” self service option, which may be lower

Keep in mind that even though the revenue share hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean your payout per click hasn’t decreased. With “smart pricing”, Google is able to send higher click prices to its own properties and lower ones to its Adsense programs.

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  1. Shuwix

    To article: I think 68% is quite average cut for PPC network.
    And take that Parking company takes 65-75% from google, takes their cut, and paypal takes their cut and after that, goverment takes part so they can spend it on overpriced stuff and get provision in pocket.

    Imagine some parking companies offers up to 15% referral commission. Just for those who refers domainer.
    Above.com is using your actual parking accounts so they also got few % from parking company sometimes even besides referral %.

    And them sometimes we’re surprised that low level parking companies with G feed has less then 0,01$ clicks on lower quality traffic domains.

  2. Russ

    Now the question is: what prompted the disclosure?

    “We suddenly felt like being more transparent” isn’t a reasonable answer.

  3. Chris

    Google had to raise their “partner share” since payouts have been continually decreasing due to too many factors to discuss here.

    What REALLY surprises me is that they (Google) keep showing increases in their quarterly advertising revenues. Who here is spending as much as they did several years ago? Who here is making as much as they did several years ago?

  4. Shorty

    From what I read previously is that the TAC in Quarter 1, 2008 the payout was 79%, but now it was 72% Quarter 1, 2010.

    How can G claim this in their quarterly results and now say it is something different?

    The numbers just don’t jive.

    • Andrew Allemann

      @ Shorty – TAC (Traffic Acquisition Costs) are a measure of share paid out compared to ad revenue. TAC changes on a quarterly basis thanks to the mix of ad revenue from Google.com owned sites, mainstream publishers, content vs. search, and traffic variations from different negotiated partners.

  5. Mike

    Transparent? My as…. This domain name industry and all of its tentacles is about as transparent as a brick wall.

  6. most expensive domain

    My adsense rev usually starts off really good for a new domain and then 1 week later, rev goes down big. I believe this might be due to smart pricing but this appears to be the case for each and every new domain i bring up. This can’t be normal.

  7. Sc

    I have noticed a trend since the early Adsense days. When I get a domain that clicks at $1.00 or more he payout goes down over time. Eventually the clicks are below 50 cents. that would mean your get from 1% to 57% according to the algo following your keywords.
    I have one domain that made 18.00 a click but that didn’t last long. It’s less than 2.00 now. I think the payout varies downward as they test your keywords and apply their marketing to it.
    You need a few years adsense experience with good domain names to see it. Has anyone else seen that trend?

  8. Beatrice Classen

    The rev share is broadly comparable with a lot of big agencies, but the overall CPC rates are still bottom of the barrel compared to the top tier networks.

    Every few months we will put adsense to the top of our ad-chain to test and they always dissapoint. Which is why they are always relegated to our remnant traffic.

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