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Two End Users Buy 3 Letter Domain Names

Energy company and bank invest in better domain names.

There’s little better than owning a nice, short domain name for your company. It’s part of the reason I sprung for DNW.com.

Within the past couple weeks two different end users have purchased three letter domains of their own.

First is Mack Energy Corp, which paid a hefty $99,000 for MEC.com. Mack Energy Corp. is an oil exploration company.

Second is First Fidelity Bank, which has been using the sub-prime domain name First-Fidelity.com. The bank paid $18,000 to get the domain name FFB.com.

Each week, hundreds of end users buy domain names on the aftermarket for their business. Here are some other recent end user purchases:

PremierAdvantage.com – The Venetian in Las Vegas paid $4,5000. Perhaps it will be for a rewards program?

HealthInvestment.com – HIF Corporation, which operates as “Health Investment & Finance”, picked up this improved domain name. So far it has yet to forward it to HIFCorporation.com.

Candy-Apples.com – Candy Warehouse.com bought this delicious domain name for $2,500. It will make for a great SEO-driven site for selling caramel and confection coated apples.

FolioCloud.com – Fabasoft.com paid $2,500 for this domain name — the name of one of its products.

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