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Sedo Launches Domain Advertising Network

Large parking company starts direct-to-advertiser solution.

Sedo, one of the largest domain name parking companies, has launched a new ad network to allow advertisers to place paid links directly on its inventory of six million domain names. The new service is called SedoDNA.

SedoDNA cuts out one of the middle men (i.e. Google) for placing ads on domain names. Traditionally, companies create ads on Google or Yahoo, which are then syndicated to parking companies such as Sedo. However, Google and Yahoo take a cut of the spend (usually 20%-35%).

Currently SedoDNA looks like it’s offered on a beta basis, as there is no ability to automatically sign up and create an account.

Sedo is not the first parking company to take a direct-to-advertiser approach. Dark Blue Sea, which runs Fabulous), has Roar.com, which it recently relaunched. I used Roar a few years ago as an advertiser with excellent results.

(via Domain Name News)

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  1. Francois

    Some shameless promotion:

    Sedodna.com looks a poor domain when you have huge ambitions, ask to anyone tomorrow to remember the domain name and they will have forgotten.

    I have for sale this premium domain:

    What is funny is I suggested them this name before I notice your blog post titled “domain advertising network” and that confirms my domain is the perfect match!

  2. Shorty

    Thanks for letting us know about this Andrew. How did your hear abou it?

    A few unanswered questions here.

    1. Will they pay publishers their famously low ad rates? What’s the payout percentage?

    2. Can publishers sign up advertisers to their own domians?

    3. How are they planning to promote this to gain momentum? Without promotion it’ll take years to gain traction, if ever.

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