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Bing! Microsoft Wants Your Bing Domain Names

Microsoft picks up Bing domain names through arbitration.

BingSince launching its new Bing search engine last year, Microsoft has frequently called upon National Arbitration Forum to help it get Bing related domain names registered by cybersquatters. National Arbitration Forum records show that, since December 29, the company has won arbitration cases for at least 40 domain names.

The first batch of domains the company won on December 29, 2009 were typical typos, including wwwbing.com and b8ng.com.

On December 31, the company won a case for 21 domain names registered by Doug Goodman of Kentucky. Among the domains Goodman registered were bingadspace.com, bingvideoclips.com, and bingtutorials.com. According to the dispute, Goodman “created or formulated” the disputed domain names that had been missed by “Microsoft webmasters”. Goodman also told the National Arbitration Forum that the domain names would bring value to Microsoft, so the company should pay for them. Needless to say, that defense didn’t hold up.

The company won the domains bing-wallpaper.com and bingimg.com in January, and then picked up BingNews.org on February 2. (BingNews.com forwards to Bing’s news portal.) Microsoft also won wapbing.net in February.

In March it picked up the Internationalized Domain Name xn--bng-jua.com, which looks like bıng.com. It also won seven domains from another registrant including BingCamera.com and DirectoryBing.

Whenever a mainstream product launches and gets lots of press, unsuspecting speculators try to snatch up related domains. They probably remember the early days of the web when you could get away with this stuff. Based on some of the futile responses to these cases, they really didn’t know any better.

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  1. Abadrienne says

    Well Clubbing.com is a bad domain to use IMO. I keep getting it confused with Night Clubs.

  2. rob sequin says

    When did Bing start?

    Just because they are Microsoft doesn’t mean they can go after every bing name out there that was registered earlier.

  3. Bing Crosby says

    Good point, Abadrienne. I get “clubbing” confused with doing horrible things to seals.

    I suppose MS will go after Bing Crosby domains next? :-/

  4. perez says

    The person who owns Bing.tv must be none too happy that Microsoft are crowding out his site. They even advertise Bing TV.
    There were several Bing regsitarnts well before Microsoft even came up with the stupid name. No wonder the .biz person is going to court.

  5. Ed Muller says

    The following individual names are status-pending at National Arbitration Forum:

    bingimages.net, bingvideos.net, bingtravel.net, binghealth.net, bingshopping.net,

    And another 50 or so all belonging to one bad Binger:
    debtbing.com, ecommercebing.com, and so on…

  6. perez says

    Go to Google…

    type in: bing tv

    look at the top result


    Go to Bing.com

    type in: bing tv

    look at the top result

    Looks like microsft’s ‘decision engine’ is a little too decisive.

    Wonder how things are in North Korea these days?

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