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Conference Overload Afflicts this Domainer

I thought it would never happen.

I hate to admit it, but I have succumbed to a common illness called Conference Overload, or CO.

I was in denial until this morning, when I logged on to print my boarding pass for the trip to TRAFFIC in Las Vegas tomorrow. The airline web site didn’t recognize my reservation. I called the airline to see what was going on. Then I noticed that I had booked travel for last week, not this week.

That’s what happens when you book flights for three separate domain conferences at the same time.

The side effects of CO are severe, even though those afflicted try to play them off. For example, instead of a non-stop flight to Las Vegas and back for about $200 round trip, I’m now stuck with a layover each way for $500 round trip. This will leave me only a scant 48 hours in Vegas.

On the bright side, do you really need more than 48 hours in Vegas?

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  1. Retired road warrior says

    ‘Crap happens.’

    I use to occasionally screw up by 1 or 2 days too early. Not a week late !!!

    Fortunately, you had a few hours to figure out alternatives. That is better than arriving at the ticket counter and then being forced to take whatever he/she is willing to do for you. It would have cost you more than $ 300. add’l.

    Tell your advertising clients their cost just went up $ 300.

  2. Patrick McDermott says

    “do you really need more than 48 hours in Vegas?”

    “48 Hours In Vegas”

    Starring in alphabetical order:

    Andrew Allemann
    Eddie Murphy
    Nick Nolte

    Coming to Hulu and YouTube Summer 2010.

  3. Stephen Douglas says

    Andrew – I just want to know if you’re on the “t-watchlist”.
    LOL (full word not printed so that Echelon doesn’t hone in and put you down as a subversive character — wait… maybe…) 😉

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