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Altria Gearing Up to Sell Marijuana?

Company files case against owner of marijuana domain names.

Altria MarijuanaAltria Group, the parent company of tobacco company Philip Morris USA, has filed an arbitration proceeding to get the domain names AltriaMarijuana.com and AltriaCannabis.com.

Is the company getting ready for the day pot becomes legal? Perhaps, but the company is probably more concerned about the content on the web sites. Both sites invite visitors to “Fight Against the Legalization of Marijuana” and ridicule tobacco companies as beneficiaries of legalization of the drug. After explaining a number of bills that have been passed or introduced to legalize marijuana, the sites proclaim:

Greater than the sum of all these fears is the premonition that, when made legal, “big business,” especially those “big businesses” that profit from poisoning our society and the destroying our youth with tobacco and alcohol, will engage in and ultimately control this “multi-billion dollar” industry, furthering the decline and destruction of America at a unfathomable rate. Thus it is the mission of this website to fight the legalization and usage of marijuana/cannabis and all other intoxicating, addicting, and illicit substances.

The domain names are registered to a person in Washington, D.C., but the contact email address is for an IT/hosting company. The web sites do not identify who is behind them.

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  1. Qaan says

    Funny…..I have had a flurry of inquiries over several marijuana domains I own.

    Special interests would love to have them to make a social statement, whatever that may be.

  2. Walter says

    I hate to admit to this, but in the late 90’s I owned pot.com and I decided didn’t want to be associated with it and let it go. Argh! What was I thinking!

  3. Tim says

    @Walter…..you think that is bad….I passed on all the great porn names in mid 1995 because I thought I could rise above it.

    Oh how I wish I did not rise above it now…..LOL. 🙂

  4. herm so says

    this IS generating a lot of buzz. but companies like

    Commerce Online Inc (CMIB)
    Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA)
    Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS)
    and Health and Sciences (HESG)

    have a lockdown on the market.

    They are the ones that have taken the risk to go public with a medical marijuana based business model.

    This was unheard of a couple of years ago, and websites like this protest altria wannabe, is a sad sad joke. if that.

    they cannot stop this train. and it already left the station.

    dont get left behind.

  5. mrgoodbar says

    “go public with a medical marijuana based business model”

    Herm so, I suspect you like the Mary Jane bit too much.

    Dealing weed is nothing new. Selling if from a store won’t be much different from selling it on the corner.

    Anyway, I think all drugs should be legalized. It would practically eliminate crime and create a huge tax windfall at the same time.

    When crack came out in the early 80’s everyone thought the everyone in the hood would get addicted. As it turns out it became taboo to smoke crack and the epidemic soon subsided.

  6. Mike says

    Everyone is smoking to much if they think they are trying to get these for when they legalize pot. It’s probably because it’s a trademarked name and if it was Nikemarijuana.com you could be guaranteed the Nike legal team would be after you.

    The moral of the story is don’t register domains with trademarks in them, you won’t even get back your registration fee.

  7. Robert says

    They are just protecting their IP. You can’t take their trademarked name and thy to use it against them. Many companies register the defensive names so that people don’t start sites like yourcompanysucks.com

  8. RFWoodstock says

    Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit…Need I say more?

    Woodstock Universe supports legalization of Marijuana.

    We will giveaway a Woodstock Universe Prize Package to the best member blog on “Why we should legalize marijuana?”

    Prize package includes Woodstock Universe T-shirt and magnet, WDST decal, Radio Woodstock Live in Woodstock CD and Woodstock 3 days of peace and music Director’s Cut DVD.

    Join Woodstock Universe to blog or just vote in our poll.

    Add your vote in our poll about legalization at: http://www.woodstockuniverse.com

    New poll started 11/25…currently 95%…for 5% against.

    We operate RADIO WOODSTOCK 69 which features only music from the original Woodstock era (1967-1971) and RADIO WOODSTOCK with great live music from the original Woodstock era to today’s artists who reflect the spirit of Woodstock. We also operate Woodstock TV which features concert and festival videos.

    Peace, love, music, one world,

  9. Amanda says

    its funny to find this post as we recently attempted to sell them the domain:


    which is a premium brandable styled domain but have not heard back from anyone as yet.

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