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Oversee.net Goes Back to the Playboy Mansion for DFG 2010

Oversee.net announces party plans for DFG 2010.

Earlier today Oversee.net announced that it will hold its finale party for DOMAINfest Global in January at the Playboy Mansion for the second year in a row. The event will benefit enny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue Foundation. This year’s mansion party has been talked about all year, so it’s sure to be a hit again. I enjoyed the party at Universal Studios, too, so hopefully they can match that experience.

As a frequent reader of affiliate blogs, I noticed that a lot of affiliate companies are holding charity parties at the Playboy Mansion throughout the year. Sure seems like the Playboy Mansion is whoring itself out a lot these days. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

DOMAINfest Global tickets are $1095 through December 24. It’s a great value for what has become the biggest show in the domain name industry. Last year more than 600 people attended the event. This year’s event is moving to a new venue, the five star Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows.

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  1. Tracy Sampson says

    How can anyone take them seriously if they are throwing a party at the Playboy mansion yet the industry is in ruin, and even they pay poorly these days?

    It seems to me that the parking companies are making the money but not the domainers. It seems insulting to my intelligence honestly.

    Sorry for being a downer, but it’s reality is it not?

  2. Ripped Off says

    Oversee routinely freezes and steals money owed to its publishers.

    They cower and back down in face of any two bit lawyer’s threats. They are backstabbers x 10.

    I used to be one of their top 20 publishers and they completely screwed me.

    A Warning to top publishers: They will give up all your account data at the drop of a hat.

  3. Nic says

    Tacky. 1970s. Devoid of creativity and inspiration.

    Makes me think of a bunch of truck drivers with big bellies, singlets and beards.

    Nowhere I want to be.

  4. Tan Tran says

    Should be a fun party.

    I’ve never been to the mansion so this would be a good opportunity to visit it.

    Tan Tran

  5. Viking says

    All the naysayers — do they have personal agendas? Domainfest 09 at the Mansion was the best party for a domain conference I ever attended earlier this year. My buddy, Guy, the GM for the Mansion, makes a lot of great things happen for charities – at the behest of HH.

    Those who dawg it, I understand. Two sides to every story, and yes, it could be looked at as tacky, just like Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Walmart. But you visit each of these locations when you can, don’t you? I know Walmart has come under fire for employee rights, and for sure, Disneyland was pounded in the 80’s – 90’s for disallowing people with dyed redhair as visitors, AND told their employees NO FACIAL HAIR. I had two friends caught up in that fascist rule back in the 80’s. Weird, but true. Truth is that it didn’t stop people from coming.

    @ Ms Domainer and Tracy

    I completely agree with your assessment of the event being held there from a woman’s point of view, but it’s important to consider that it’s for charity, and the promoters are exploiting the fact that most guys are pigs. We try hard not to be, for your sake. Go to the event, have a laff, and even note your feelings for publication later. If you haven’t been there yet, you may have an unfair skewed vision of the place. To me, it looks like a TV set, which it basically is. Experience the event there, and then write about it afterwards. That’s your best revenge. It’s hard to knock it if you haven’t been there. Get it under your belt and give an honest review.

    Hope this has been helpful. No, I don’t work for Oversee, nor park with DS anymore. I just know what works in producing an event.

    cheers and peace

  6. Domain Investor says

    Stephen –
    “the promoters are exploiting the fact that most guys are pigs. We try hard not to be, for your sake.”

    Please don’t public admit that we are.
    It works for Bob Parson.

    NIC –
    “Makes me think of a bunch of truck drivers with big bellies, singlets and beards.”

    Only Stephen and I look that way. All of our peers are good looking people.

    Tan –
    “I’ve never been to the mansion so this would be a good opportunity to visit it.”

    I agree with Tan. I have not been to HH’s house. I’m sorry I missed last year’s domainfest. This might convince me to attend it in Jan.

    Ripped Off,
    All of the ppc companies confiscate accounts that they believe are doing fraudulent activities.
    If you are good customer and they think you are pushing the envelope, they will tell you to stop. If it is obvious that it was your intentions from the beginning, you are gone.

    Ms Domainer and Tracy,
    For DomainFest 2011, the party is going to be sponsored by PlayGirl magazine.
    (Just teasing.)

  7. ManAboutTwon says

    “All of the ppc companies confiscate accounts that they believe are doing fraudulent activities”

    No fraud involved for any of the cases I am aware of. Just threats from lawyers. The money is frozen to cover their legal fees.
    Bad Biz if you ask me.

    Every one knows that 90% of Oversee Rev comes from Trademark Typos and Everyone knows that Oversee has one of the largest Trademark infringing portfolios in the world.
    They are idiots if they think they can hide behind shell companies.

  8. Nic says

    Universal Studios
    This is about film, which is futurist and entrepreneurial, and creative people teaming up to execute, etc etc. Great fit with domains. Inspiring backdrop with potential to deliver a message, in addition to the fun.

    In the 70s it was about new, and breaking rules, and freedom of expression and all kinds of positive things because it challenged the convention. Now its just boobs and bums. No doubt very nice ones that are attractive to look at and be around. From a meeting planner’s perspective it’s shortsighted and pandering to the lowest common denominator. That can work. So can a good typo portfolio.

  9. Viking says

    @Domain Investor

    hey! I’m only saying, guys are pigs and I’m giving credit where credit is due… all us guys work hard NOT to be pigs. Am I right?

    And at you again, DI, who are you saying has a “big belly”?
    My body is rock hard, and my midsection is solid muscle. Did you ever think that I do 1000 situps a day, and it deformed me? 😉

    In fact, I’ll put up an equal $500 domain name against anyone (who does the same) at Domainfest 2010 to beat me in arm wrestling (left handed). Winner gets the the loser’s domain name. Side bets are on! All proceeds go to charity.

    You should have seen me 15 years ago! That was before I spent all my time sitting at the damn computer! I’m changing it, tho. I’ve already lost 10 lbs!


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