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AP Buys Domain Before Launching News Registry Service

News cooperative buys domain for launch of initiative.

Associated PressI often times write about companies that announce a new product before securing rights to the corresponding domain name. So it’s always nice to see when a company does secure a domain in anticipation of a launch.

This one comes courtesy of Rob Sequin, who read an article about the Associated Press creating a system to detect unauthorized use of its content:

The AP already plans to roll out a system, called a news registry, that will track its content online and detect unlicensed uses in ways that could help boost revenue for the not-for-profit news cooperative, which was founded in 1846, and its member newspapers. The system will be tested in six weeks by nine newspapers along with a sports statistics provider run jointly by AP and News Corp.

It appears that Associated Press bought the domain name NewsRegistry.com from BuyDomains in August. (The sales price was not disclosed). The domain is still sitting on BuyDomain’s nameservers, but at least the AP had the foresight to buy the domain name.

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  1. Bob Fontaine says

    Smaller as the world keeps becoming, Mr. Sequin happens to be located about a mile from me. And purely by coincidence, I happen to have pending litigation with the corporation your “article” discusses. Beyond that, and just by chance, I also have an interest in the pay-per news business models that are being tossed around. I had registered the domain name NewsTent.com with that idea in mind… and to the point of your post, now I dont know if I should “protect” myself with the domain NewsTent.net, or NewsUmbrella.com – funny how things play out.

  2. Domain Investor says


    Congratulations on moving forward with your new project.

    Since, you mentioned it, please immediately register the the 2 domains you mentioned. It is referred to as defensive registration.
    (I hope none of my peers will register them. Please leave them for Mr. Fontaine. He didn’t know better.)

    Bob, you have one of the experts in the domain industry living near you.
    You should offer to buy him lunch and pick his brain.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  3. Bob Fontaine says

    Thanks.. I have actually communicated with Mr S. in the past.. that’s how I know we are so close in proximity, and I do appreciate his expertise. As far “tent.net’ and “umbrella.com” – I was actually half kidding. I have a few hundred “favorite” domains, if I registerd every variation for each of them i’d be in the poor house. And thank you for asking others not to register them on me, that is class. But not to worry, I do know better, I just opted against it for this domnain, at this point…

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