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Smart Marketing: 300TaxiRides.com

Using a domain name to drive a message home.

Wednesday evening I was relaxing at a Mexican restaurant in Austin, sipping a Mexican Martini and reading The Onion. (That’s as close to perfect enjoyment as you can get.) An ad in The Onion caught my eye.

The ad was for DWI lawyer Charlie Roadman. Roadman is also a musician and defends a lot of other musicians on marijuana charges. His ad (pictured below) reads “What a DWI Defense Attorney Wishes You Knew”.

One of Roadman’s points is that “a DWI can cost more than 300 taxi rides”. Since the alternative to getting a DWI is usually forking over $25 for a taxi ride, this seems like a strong point to remind people of when they’re making the decision on driving home after drinking.

So what does this have to do with domain names? In addition to his domain name RoadmanLaw.com, Roadman also advertises 300TaxiRides.com.


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  1. Jamie Zoch

    Make sense marketing if you ask me! Congrats to Mr Roadman.

    * Funny side notes from your article *

    ~ You talk about drinking and no word on a cab ride home from the restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~ The lawyers last name is ROADman and he deals with “driving” offenses.


  2. Patrick McDermott

    “Patrick, if cab fares fo up, it would be 200TaxiRides.com right?”

    Right Stumble, my bad.

    I think I was DWC. (Drunk While Commenting).

    “Yeah, probably needs 400taxirides.com in case the cost of a DWI goes up”

    400 at least! ๐Ÿ™‚

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