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Zappos Paid $4.9 Millon for Clothes.com Domain Name

Zappos ponied up serious money for Clothes.com domain name last year. Now it’s Amazon.com’s toy.

Online shoe retailer Zappos paid $4.9 million to acquire the domain name Clothes.com from IdeaLab last year, SEC records show:

In May 2008, we acquired the Clothes.com internet domain name from Idealab. The domain name was recognized as a purchased intangible asset with a useful life of 20 years. The entire purchase price of $4.9 million was assigned to the price of the domain name intangible asset and will be amortized on a straight-line basis over its remaining estimated useful life.

The purchase was brought to light thanks to the company’s acquisition by Amazon.com.

Assuming it was an all cash deal, the Clothes.com sale would have ranked number two on last years domain sales charts at DNJournal.

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    • Andrew Allemann

      I suspect they’ll redirect it for now. If they sold for anything less than about $4.8M they’d have to report a loss.

      The more interesting question is how Amazon ties Endless.com, its existing shoe store, with Zappos.

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