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Thought Convergence Answers Jay Westerdal’s Complaint

Company denies Westerdal’s counterclaims.

Thought Convergence (TCI) has filed an answer to Jay Westerdal’s counterclaims in an ongoing lawsuit over TCI’s acquisition of Westerdal’s company Name Intelligence.

The 12 page response (pdf) basically denies all complaints Westerdal made.

So what’s next, now that both sides have lodged their allegations at each other? Most likely a settlement.

“Neither side will want to air their dirty laundry with so may people watching,” said Enrico Schaefer, an attorney with Traverse Legal. “Most of the issues really amount to unnecessary ambiguities in the contracts, poor drafting and poor setting of expectations.”

A settlement would probably be a calculated decision based on how much money is at stake, future legal bills, and if one or either side doesn’t want the public exposure a lawsuit brings.

“If it does not settle, it will go to discovery where everyone will send oppressive questions and demands for documents seeking leverage,” said Schaefer. “Depositions will then be taken of people who already have an axe to grind with the person or company they are testifying against.”

Schaefer says that discovery would proceed at a snail’s pace and be costly for both sides.

Domain Name Wire will continue to keep you posted on the lawsuit.

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  1. Enrico S. says

    Both sides have a lot to lose. Both ought walk away and get on with their lives. Litigation get’s old really quick. Sometimes you have no choice. But this one is about leverage and bad blood. Thought Convergence is complaining about things that their due diligence should have revealed.

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