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DevHub Growing Quickly, Nearing 1M Monthly Visits

Web site development system quickly hitting milestones.

The DevHub ecosystem of web sites is growing quickly and traffic is increasing in stride, reports the company.

According to the company, there were 900,000 visitors to web sites on the DevHub platform in June. There are now over 10,000 publishers on the network and over 100,000 domain names. A little less than 5,000 of these sites are “DevHubbed” sites, as the company calls them. That means they are fully developed sites with 5 or more pages of content.

DevHub also released a service that will build out your web sites for you if you don’t have time to use DevHub. An example web site is BoxOfficeEntertainment.com.

The average site at DevHub is earning between $1.80 to $3.20 a month. That seems like a strong number given that most of the domains at DevHub have basic one page sites and receive little type-in traffic.

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  1. Geronimo says

    Glad to hear it sounds like they are growing pretty quickly. Been using the system since it launched a few months ago. I basically use for domains that don’t necessarily have great deal of type in, but they match up with keyword search terms that get a lot of searches. For these sites I put a little effort into (some content, page optimization, get one link inbound link off of digg or one of my other sites), I have been able to get ranked pretty high in SE’s (some on the first page) for the majority of the ones i have on their system. with that added targeted SE traffic a lot of my sites are surpassing what they did when I was relying on type ins.

  2. EM @ KING.NET says

    Nice to hear the success of DevHub. This is the a good example that we need to develop our domain names.

    I’m in the process of developing my domain names to a fully developed CMS not just 5 pages brochure related site. Im still installing some features, I will extend the service to other interested party when it’s ready.

    You can see the progress in http://www.CMSwebsite.com and here’s some demo teaser websites.


    I’m hoping to add the directory and real-estate components within this week. With my 10-20 CMS website, I have 150K traffic last month, not bad for small network of sites.

    wish me luck.

  3. jorge says

    >> “That seems like a strong number given that most of the domains at DevHub have … little type-in traffic.”

    How do you know that?

  4. Johnny says

    I must say that I had some problems with some of their terms and such at first, but after emailing them they followed up with me and responded to my satisfaction. That’s more than a lot of companies will do.

  5. jorge says

    Andrew: Maybe I read it wrong, but I understood the article to be saying that: “Most sites on DEVHUB don’t get type in traffic.” Am I reading that wrong?

    If that is correct? Then how do you know? Is it something DEVHUB said?

    FWIW: I am pretty happy with DEVHUB. I’ve got a few sites making money (with some type-in traffic), but mostly with google search traffic.

    It is pretty easy to make a 4-5 page mini site, with ads, a blog, etc. Maybe 1 hour, if you know your market.

    They also have a nice referral program, where you can make percentage from all the people you refer — that’s pretty good.

    I haven’t gotten a check yet, though. I faxed in my tax info though recently, so I’m curious to see how long it will take to see a payment.

    DevHub also seems to be adding a ton of features every month. So it just gets better and better.

    Overall, I like it.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      Jorge – I’m basing that on my conversations with DevHub and on the premise that people mostly put domains there that aren’t performing well on parked pages because they don’t get much traffic. A DevHub site will have a lower RPM than a parked page, but it will attract search traffic.

  6. DR. DOMAIN says

    I have almost 100 names with DevHub. Of course that led to me freezing up & being unsure of which to develop first.I’m gonna start developing in earnest this week.

  7. Gregg says

    As far as I am concerned in the domain world devhub has been the only true innovator for us domain holders. Parking is boring and gives everyone a bad rap. In two years evo now devhub constantly hammered on their system based on feedback and if parking companies do not realize that devhub is onto something…its going to be too late!

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