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ICANN Terminates Five Domain Name Registrars

Five registrars terminated for financial reasons.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has sent termination notices to five domain name registrars for failure to pay fees. Of the five to be de-accredited, only one has registered domains under management: Maxim Internet Inc.

ICANN is seeking a registrar to take over about 5,000 domains registered at Maxim Internet. It warns that contact data for the registrants is in an inconsistent format.

ICANN sent a breach notice to Maxim on March 30. Since that time the company has notified customers it was shutting down. In ICANN’s termination letter to Maxim, Director of Contractual Compliance Stacy Burnette wrote:

Using the primary contact information provided by Maxim, ICANN staff transmitted an e-mail message to you and left telephone messages for you inquiring about Maxim’s intentions to remain an ICANN-accredited registrar. After failed attempts to reach you, observing that Maxim’s website was no longer operational on 1 June 2009, receiving an electronic mail message from a person claiming to represent Maxim in its “close down” on 3 June 2009 and receipt of other electronic mail correspondence from you referring to the “closing” of Maxim, ICANN concluded that Maxim is insolvent.

Maxim owes ICANN over $150,000.

Other terminated registrars include AfterGen, Inc. dba JumpingDot, Hi Yi Global Information Resources, Sundance Group, Inc, and Clertech.com Inc.

ICANN also sent a notice of breach to Lead Networks Domains Pvt. Ltd for failure to comply with UDRP decisions. Lead Networks was recently named in a lawsuit that alleges it failed to transfer a domain that a customer lost in a UDRP.

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  1. M. Menius

    ICANN are surprisingly responsive, and take appropriate action, when it involves their funding stream. Now if we can somehow motivate them to show the same regard for others’ vested interests, then we’d have an organization that all of us could believe in and support.

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