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Google Inserts Image Ads in Link Units Pages

Could move foreshadow image ads on parked pages?

Today Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced that it will start adding relevant banner ads to the bottom of link ad results pages.

Link ads are part of the Google Adsense program. Instead of showing ads that link directly to an advertiser’s site, a link unit includes keywords that link to a page full of Google ads.

The banners are shown at the bottom of these ad pages:


Google says that it found revenue increases when adding the image ads, which means that a combination of text and image ads produces higher revenue than text ads alone. That begs the question, will this soon be applied to parked domain names, too?

Google Adsense for Domains uses pages that look very similar to link unit results pages. It will also be interesting to see if Google starts to syndicate its image ads to it partner parking companies. Google restricts which types of ads these partners can show, but it may wish to insert its own image ads to boost overall revenue.

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  1. Johnny

    I’m going to guess they don’t add them.

    Why would they help us with the control of they market they have? It’s time to squeeze us…..not help us. They have used us for growth and now it’s a different strategy being applied, which is “crush you competition now that you have used their juice, or at least always keep them marginalized so they can’t grow”.

    I hope I am wrong though. 🙂

  2. wannadevelop.com

    Seen this stuff on the bottom for a while now.

    Guess it is now official and will stay for good.

    They won’t ever add the image ads to parked domains, because the payouts on those is crap, a few cents, and most of the time is done on a CPM basis on sites that deliver boatloads of all kinds of traffic that is all over the place; social networking sites, etc.

    • Andrew Allemann

      They’ve been testing it for a while. They’ve found the RPM to be higher on these particular ads when they include them, so I wonder if it will be the same on their style of parked pages.

  3. Domain Investor

    wannadevelop quote –
    “No idea why it shows up for my site”

    Because, you searched specificially for your site.

    Do you have a problem finding a hat that fits you?

  4. Rob

    Actually – as with other stuff – Google lies about the true reason. They argue the RPM is higher, but the truth is, they don’t have an interest to increase publishers’ RPM (if you want to know why, see the article “big google squeeze” here on DNW).

    The true reason: they need to grow their display banner business (where they are still way behind), while in the PPC market they already have a monopoly.

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