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Demand Media to ICANN: Hurry Up

Company one of few to suggest IRT timeline is OK.

Demand Media has been transparent about its desire to launch new top level domain names and to move the process along quickly. So it doesn’t come as any surprise that it wants ICANN to push forward through recommendations from the Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) in a swift fashion.

Most began started their comments to IRT by complaining about a short (about 1 week) comment period for IRT’s drastic overhaul of trademark protection in domain names. Even Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA), which represents trademark interests, blasted ICANN with a press release titled “ICANN’s Poor Governance Disappoints CADNA“.

Demand Media, on the other hand, sees no problem with a rush job. In its comments to ICANN about the IRT’s recommendations, the company wrote:

We don’t believe the time frame for IRT deliberations is overly tight. Most, if not all, of the issues being raised now have been discussed for many years within ICANN.

You can see Demand Media’s comments here.

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  1. David J Castello says

    Demand Media is in the minority here and may find things “tightening” even more in the months ahead. The opposition to these new TLDs is growing daily and ICANN is finding itself more and more in a precarious position because they’ve been hawking the notion that “public demand” is behind these new TLDs when in reality there are only two groups who want them – ICANN and future registrars.

  2. jp says

    Should we all start boycotting Demand Media’s products & services until they agree with us? Personally I don’t use them for anything.

  3. M. Menius says

    Johnny, you are correct. Not only do they not support domainers, but they are apparently fine participating in a process that will lead to unprecedented exploitation of global corporations. Based on the current status quo, no one of good conscience can support ICANN’s proposal. It’s just that simple.

    To support the proposal and a rush to its implementation marks anyone & everyone, Demand Media included, as opportuntists in the worst sense.

  4. Dave says

    demand media only cares about things that benefits their pickets. They can care less about domainers, even their resellers. I think boycotting anything owned by demand media (enom.com, namejet) and any company that resells for enom would humble them

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