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There’s Something About Cameron Diaz’ Domain Name

Actress files for arbitration to get CameronDiaz.com.

Cameron Diaz has joined a slate of celebrities to recently file for arbitration to get domain names.

Yesterday a case commenced at National Arbitration Forum for the domain name CameronDiaz.com. The domain name is currently parked at SmartName with links to “Cameron Diaz Actress”, “Entertainment”, and “Celebrity Posters”. The domain name’s whois record shows that it is owned by a Canadian company.

Diaz is famous for roles in There’s Something About Mary, The Mask, and Shrek.

A number of celebrities have filed arbitration cases recently. Jay Leno just filed to get three domain names, comedian Jim Carrey is going after JimCarrey.com, and Alien star Sigourney Weaver is fighting for SigourneyWeaver.com.

Elizabeth Taylor just won her second attempt to capture the domain name ElizabethTaylor.com. The domain owner decided to hand the domain over when it received the UDRP.

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  1. Gazzip says

    Thats the same people that had to hand TomCruise.com back

    and LarryKing.com

    and IanFlemming.com

    and jrrtolkien.com

    Looks like he does this often, some others are mentioned here

    You think he would have leaned his lesson by now.

  2. Chris says

    “No one should be holding another person’s name.”

    What a silly comment comming from a man who is sitting on hundreds of location names obviously owned by the people who live, work and pay taxes in those loactions, in other words, the citizens of towns and countries xy and z. Please don’t tell me the citizens of San Diego don’t have a right to SanDiego.com

    The fact is that there are thousands of people sharing common names and no one peron shoud have exclusive rights. I can’t wait till we have a famous Mike Smith going after MikeSmith.com

  3. jp says

    Either this is a definite trend and all the celebrities are talking about this stuff at their cocktail parties how they won their domains back and telling their friends how to do it, or Andrew has filled my head with propaganda to think this is happening.

  4. M. Menius says

    @Chris – The issues you are alluding to are far more complex than you grasp. David is right.

    Also, geographical locations are not subject to trademark protection, and are not the exclusive property of any person or entity.

    If Mike Smith wants to go for MikeSmith.com, more power to him. That particular example bears little relation to a celebrity name being exploited by someone with no demonstrable rights to the domain.

  5. Chris says

    “Also, geographical locations are not subject to trademark protection”

    Everything you can think of is potentially subject to trademark protection. If Bloomberg wants NewYorkCity.com he’d have a decent chance of winning it in a UDRP and defending it court afterwards. After all the UDRP has little to do with Law and a lot to do with how nutty the panel is.

    I still say that the Tax paying citizens who incorperated SanDiego.com have a right to the domain. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Congress pass a special law to deal with this soon.

    After all, the whole point to the GEO conference originally was to try to convince people that they do have rights to the names of cities and countries.

    Anyway someone like David should know better than to say “No one should be holding another person’s name.”

  6. Marg says

    Chris in post 3: there’s been a long-drawn out battle between (not famous painter) Keith Urban holder of dot com and (famous singer) Keith Urban holder of dot net. Considering that the first (not famous) Keith Urban was born and named Keith Urban, and has the birth certificate to prove it, I don’t know why the URDP even got off the ground. I still don’t know if this has been decided, and which way it went.

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