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Live Current’s Cricket Site Hits Snag at Wrong Time

IPLT20.com experiences problems during heavy traffic season.

Live Current Media (OTCbb: LIVC.ob) just can’t seem to do anything right.

Not only is it liquidating many of its prized domain names to make ends meet, but its prized cricket web site IPLT20.com is having problems at precisely the wrong moment. (Live Current’s deal with Indian Premier League is part of the reason it’s having to liquidate domain names; the contract requires the company to cough up about $50M over 10 years. Its cricket partners have been cutting it a break on payments.)

According to Om Malik at GigaOm, the IPLT20.com web site has been on the rocks over the weekend. Malik was excited last week when he wrote that cricket fans could watch live action on IPLT20.com, but then on Saturday called the results an Epic Fail. Saturday morning Malik tweeted “IPLt20.com is epic fail. can’t access the page for some odd reason. are you having the same problems?”

Now isn’t the time for web site problems. The IPLT20.com web site recorded 50.2 million page views, 10 million visits, and 5 million unique visitors over the course of the 6-week season last year according to Malik’s post. This year the web site is expected to register 400 million page views, 45 million visits and 10 million unique visitors during the season.

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  1. Robbie says

    Im still brokering many of there domains – If anyone is interested in there domains please get in contact with me.

    homes AT wea.la

  2. Rob Sequin says

    Too bad about Live Current but I think when a company is in trouble and people are most likely getting laid off, there tends to be more holes in the execution of the business plan because the right people aren’t being managed as well or they are not as interested to work as hard as they once did.

    Maybe the interruption was an unforeseen problem but then again, this all falls on management and it seems like they are in survival mode so there’s a lot to think about.

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