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Cuba Policy Changes Lead to Domain Name Opportunities

Thawing relationship with United States may present opportunity.

Over the past few days I’ve read lots of news about the thawing relationship between the United States and Cuba. (President Obama relaxed restrictions on people traveling from the U.S. to Cuba and on remittances to Cuba.)

Every time I saw a headline for Cuba I thought of domain investor and broker Rob Sequin. Sequin is an expert on Cuba and writes HavanaJournal.com. He also owns about 2,500 domain names related to Cuba.

In a story on HavanaJournal.com, Sequin reports a spike in domain name registrations related to Cuba in the days since the news of Obama’s changes broke. Of course, many of these newly registered domains are worthless domains. To make money on topical domains, it helps to register the good domains before the news breaks. Anticipating changes to technology, economics, and society is a good way to make money hand registering, buying, and acquiring dropped domains. Reacting to news makes acquiring good domains at low prices much harder.

Sequin has seen a surge in traffic to HavanaJournal over the past few days — traffic is up nearly 50%.

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  1. ActNow says

    Rob has an excellent portfolio of cuban domains.

    He had the foresight to acquire them over the past 5 to 7 yrs.

    I also noticed he recently sold one for a nice price.

  2. Rob Sequin says


    Thanks. Actually I have been registering, buying Cuba domains and catching Cuba domains going back to 1999. Sometimes over the years I would start to second guess my interest and investment but always knew that it was a matter of WHEN US Cuba relations would warm up, not IF US Cuba relations would warm up.

    Of course I didn’t expect it to take this long but this time it feels different.

    It is interesting to watch the hand regs spike when there is major news but that’s the case with any news I suppose.

  3. Scott Alliy says

    I acquired several Cuban Cigar domain names years ago and am patiently waiting and watching for news on the status of the embargo. OK, I confess, I am looking forward to enjoying a fine cuban to celebrate each domain name sale too 🙂

  4. DR. DOMAIN says

    Fidel & Raul have a longevity gene that would make a sea turtle envious.People-especially exiles-have been mapping strategies since forever.It’s long past the Brothers Castro expiration date.But even when that day comes…I would’nt expect a smooth transition.Too many competing interests.I have a handful of Cuba domains.Great loooong term play.

  5. Rob Sequin says

    “I would’nt expect a smooth transition.Too many competing interests.”

    That’s why I like to invest and develop Internet real estate.

    No taxes, no risk of Castro seizing my property, no zoning laws, no building codes etc.

  6. Too Many Secrets says

    @Andrew @Rob

    We’ve been hosting Cuba domains in Bahamas for many years. People like to host in a safe, secure place, outside the USA — just in case. 😉

    – Richard

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