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Silicon Labs Gets Its Name Back

Billion dollar company let domain name expire, but wins it back in arbitration.

Last month Domain Name Wire wrote about Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), a billion dollar company that let the domain name SiliconLabs.com expire. (The company’s web site is at SIlabs.com).

Silicon Labs filed for arbitration at National Arbitration Forum. This week an arbitration panel awarded the domain name back to the company, and the name should be transferred within the next few days.

This case was easy to decide. The domain owner had a parking page full of links to Silicon Labs’ competitors and he didn’t even bother to respond to the case.

But consider how much this oversight has cost the company. It could have renewed the domain for $10; instead its tab is much higher:

-$1,300 fee to National Arbitration Panel
-Legal fees of about $5,000
-Loss of the highly trafficked domain name for two months

Obviously the loss of the domain name is the most expensive part of this ordeal, but it’s hard to put a dollar figure on it.

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  1. stu

    UDRP and WIPO are the most corrupt organizations on the planet along with icann,why should these corrupt lot have anything to do with domains ? by the way you forgot to mention the cost of the big bang hander to the so called independent judge LOL

  2. mike

    I don’t think siliconlabs is gonna their domain back i mean the whois is still showing that one other guy’s info

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