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It’s Baaaaaack! Bido.com Relaunches Today

Domain name auction platform relaunches after long hiatus.

Remember Bido? Yeah, I know, it’s been a long time. The once a day domain name auction house launched to much buzz only to be sidelined by technical snafus. After a long (and I mean long) wait, Bido finally rears its head again today.

When you log into Bido, you won’t notice a bunch of new features. Most of the work has been on the back end. But there are some neat twists, all designed to get the domain name community active in the auctions.

“Experts” can comment on domain names before they go to auction, and other users can rate the comments. Experts get the benefit of exposure, as you can see in the graphic below:


In addition to reading expert’s comments, Bido users can click tabs to read about the expert, see their latest blog posts, or see expert-created links and additional information.

I expect more features soon, including perhaps a way to sell domains beyond the once-a-day listings (pure speculation) and auctions for other types of merchandise (not speculation).

I loved the concept of Bido when it first launched. The site also sold some decent domains at decent prices. Hopefully it will be able to pick up where it left off.

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