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Judge: DONE Ventures’ Domain Purchase is Done Deal

Bankruptcy judge approves sale of domain names to DONE! Ventures.

Earlier today, U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge Brendan L. Shannon handed down an order affirming the sale of a number of eToys’ domain names to DONE! Ventures. The domains included in the $200,000 deal are:


The domain name whois records for these domains still shows eToys, but you can expect that to change shortly.

In addition to the DONE! Ventures deal, the judge earlier approved Toys ‘R’ Us purchase of a number of brands and intellectual property for $2.15M.

After reviewing the judge’s orders on both the DONE! Ventures deal and Toys ‘R’ Us deal, it will be interesting to see if any objections are filed to the Toys.com purchase for $1.25M. I know there are some entities that would have bid on the domain name had they known about the auction, and the judge’s orders all include statements that the sale constitutes the highest offer received. Another party could conceivably make a higher offer, and this would have to be reported to the bankruptcy court.

Domain Name Wire will keep you posted as the judge issues more orders in this case.

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  1. jp says

    Done ventures appears to have an interesting website. I wonder what they are up to? Their website seems to be all a bunch of made-up content and keywords, with seemingly nothing to do with explaining the company. Its got all the components of a bunch of mini-sites wrapped into one, just with no ads.

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