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Live Current Looks to Sell More Domains, Malaysia.com Whois Changes

Live Current Media seeking offers on more premium domain names; whois information for Malaysia.com changes.

Live Current Media (OTCbb: LIVC.ob) is considering selling Yen.com, Body.com, Mouse.com, Keyboard.com and Leisure.com to raise much need cash, Domain Name Wire has learned. Any sale would “clearly depend upon receiving offers that meet our price expectations”, Chief Corporate Development Officer Mark Melville informed me via e-mail.

In October the company announced that Brazil.com, Vietnam.com, Indonesia.com, Malaysia.com, GreatBritain.com, and Communicate.com were all for sale. The company hoped to raise $6 to $10 million by selling the domains. The whois information for Malaysia.com changed over the past week to Malaysia Travel, Inc., which may indicate a sale is in progress. The new address in whois is a Vancouver Address, but not Live Current’s offices. It’s possible the company is selling the domain to a related company or investor, but the company has not released any information about a sale.

With cash running seriously low, Live Current raised $1 million in November (and perhaps an additional $1 million more shortly thereafter). Live Current’s CEO invested in the round.

After a few strategy changes, Live Current is betting its business on cricket. It signed a $50 million deal with DLF Indian Premier League in 2007. Since then, the company has been unable to make required payments, which were forgiven. The company also recently launched a web site at Cricket.com. Its major source of revenue is Perfume.com, an online fragrance shop. The company launched a similar site at Body.com, but it has been closed down and is now a parking page at Sedo.

A publicly traded company, its shares settled at $.45 today, down from a 52 week high of $3.48.

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  1. RegFeeNames.com

    Live Current is selling these key assets as they now plan to focus on there development of sports domains and other key domains.

    They own a great portfolio and I am working closly with them to help sell some of there domains.

    The issue we have at present that most people are holding onto there cash and not wanting to part with money when the world is in such a bad way.



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