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UDRP Watch: Ping.me, GoldenGlobes.com, and NameJet Typo

A review of recently filed domain name arbitration cases.

Here’s a quick look at recently filed arbitration cases at WIPO and National Arbitration Forum. Check back for updates as the cases are decided.

Ping.me: Although the domain owner won’t talk, my guess is Ping Golf filed this case. They’ve been aggressive in the past trying to get Ping.net and other domains.

GoldenGlobe(s).com: Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which runs the Golden Globe Awards, is trying to get it hands on the .coms. Its official site is GoldenGlobes.org.

Redbull.mobi: looks like Red Bull wants to put some energy in your pocket.

NameJe.com: eNom and Network Solutions, co-owners of NameJet.com, want to get their hands on this typo.

Arena.com: Arena Distribution, S.A. wants Arena.com. I sure hope this is some sort of doman theft case, otherwise it looks a lot like reverse domain name hijacking.

ISO.mobi: International Organization for Standardization, famous for standards like ISO 9000, apparently has rights to this three character domain. As with Arena.com, I sure hope there’s something I don’t know about here.

Universityoftexasatdallas.org: The University of Texas continues to rack up domains through UDRP.

Citibank.ws: a .ws domain dispute? I suppose as a bank you need to cover everything to stop phishing.

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  1. chart name

    Ping-me is as common in the tech world as feed-me is in a restaurant. I hope the owner of ping.me wins and sues the holy heck out of ping golf for this obvious harassment.

  2. Bidder

    I even tried to reg this name. It was already taken. Ping me, is as common a phrase as saying . Especially in the work place. We used it all the time. This is absurd.


  3. Andrew

    Assuming it’s Ping Golf, the only way they’d get it is if the owner put up a parking page that had golf links. Otherwise I’d be shocked if Ping won.

  4. legal free advice

    I still don’t understand why people seem so eager to accept laws against free speech. I can understand the idiots in government wanting it because it enables them to stay in power, but the people should have voted out anyone who voted for BCRA. That one item is why I will never vote for McCain. I may end up not casting a vote, but if McCain gets the nomination he won’t get my vote. How can a person trust anyone who has so little regard for our basic rights?

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