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ResellerClub to Take Over EstDomains’ Domains

Directi company to take over domains previously registered at EstDomains.

Although ICANN has not announced it yet, it appears that domain registrar ResellerClub is taking over domains managed at domain registrar EstDomains, which is losing its accreditation.

ResellerClub has emailed customers of EstDomains to tell them that it will be taking over:

As you might be aware, EstDomains Inc will soon be de-accredited by ICANN and is awaiting its termination in lieu with the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). The termination will be effective from the 24th November, after which EstDomains will cease its Registrar operations and we, ResellerClub, will be taking over their existing Domain Names and SSL Certificate operations.

As I’ve mentioned before, ICANN probably struggled to find a company to take over the domain names even though it will boost some registrar by 270,000 domains. Many of the domains were used in spam and malware operations. But ResellerClub is part of Directi, which provided services to EstDomains.

EstDomains Inc was using LogicBoxes’ OrderBox Technology, which is also used by ResellerClub. This means that the transition will be fairly smooth, and you will also be able to manage your Reseller business from the same Control Panels.

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  1. ASEAN Central says

    I just hope ResellersClub do review the practices of each and every domain that they acquired from EstDomains. Otherwise, the spamming perpetrated by some of EstDomains’ registered domains would still persist.

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