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ICANN Cuts EstDomains, Spam Down 75%

ICANN moves forward with de-accreditation of EstDomains, related spam host cut off.

Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is moving forward with terminating EstDomains, a domain registrar managing about 280,000 domain names. EstDomains had come under fire for managing a high amount of domain names used for spam, spyware, and other nefarious activities. EstDomains was a reseller under Directi, parent company of domain parking provider Skenzo.

In the end, ICANN found an easier way to terminate EstDomains, by citing the conviction of its CEO on cybercrimes. EstDomains challenged the termination by saying that the CEO had already stepped down from his position at the company. But this week ICANN said it found against EstDomains and was moving forward.

Ultimately, it was research by The Washington Post that helped bring down the registrar. In a related story, a Washington Post investigation led to yesterday’s shut down of alleged spam host McColo Corp. Many of the domains registered at EstDomains were linked to spam servers at McColo Corp. According to news reports, spam was down by two-thirds to three-quarters yesterday following the shut down of McColo.

EstDomains customers may transfer their domain names to other ICANN accredited domain name registrars according to the procedures in ICANN’s Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy. Any domains not transferred out will be transferred to another registrar, probably within the next 4 to 6 weeks. ICANN is currently reviewing applications from other registrars to take over the EstDomains-managed domains. As I’ve pointed out previously, the make up of EstDomains-managed domains should make any registrar think twice before taking them on.

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  1. jp says

    I’m confused. How does shutting down this registrar stop spam? Shutting down the domains would be a better first step. So now instead of having all of the spam domains concentrated at 1 registrar they will become spreadout across the registrar space? Yet the numbers show spam is down, so it must have helped. What am I missing here?

    Secondly, if the majority of the domains are used in cybercrimes, then what registrar in their right mind would take these domains on? Must some registrar be forced to recieve this burden? I wonder who the lucky winner will be?

  2. Andrew says

    JP – I should clarify that the domains haven’t been shut down. It’s just that many of them were hosted at the host that has been effectively shut down.

    As for if they’ll just move out to other registrars, the reason EstDomains had so many of these “bad” domains is they didn’t do anything about it. They encourage them to come onto their service with their policies.

    As for why a registrar would take on these domains, I agree with you and have pointed this out in the past. I guess a registrar could make a deal to only take the “good” domains, but that seems questionable to me.

  3. Joe says

    Well, onlinenic.com have ‘launched’ their campaign to get a share of the EstDomains pie.
    An email I received from them as follows:

    “As report, EstDomains has been terminated the domain registrar accreditation by ICANN. It is really important for you to cooperate with a reliable, professional and stable domain registrar now. No worries about your domains, OnlineNIC will help you to take care of your domains NOW.
    By transferring your domains from EstDoamins.com to OnlineNIC, you immediately get the following astounding Bonus Pack.

    Blah blah blah .. ad infinitum

    Best Regards

    OnlineNIC Sales Team
    OnlineNIC, Inc”

    Wasn’t spam one of the reasons EstDomains were shut down in the first place?

  4. Ahamed Bauani says

    I am not from OnlineNIC. I also received the email you published here. I think OnlineNIC haven’t sent above email as ‘SPAM’. You might receive that email either you are reseller of OnlineNIC or Your email address has someway related to OnlineNIC customer databases.

  5. Joe says

    @ Ahamed

    I have nothing to do with these guys, never had a domain with them, certainly wasn’t a reseller and therefore shouldn’t be on their ‘spam’ list.

    Spam –> Unsolicited mail, e-mail advertising for a product or service sent to a mailing list.

    So I would say it is spam.

  6. Andrew says

    Well, it would appear OnlineNIC is just is pulling domains from EstDomains in whois and sending out this message. Certainly makes it harder for the registrar that is taking over the domains to make it profitable.

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