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Exclusive: Preview of New EVO Landing System

EVO Landing releasing new system that allows domain owner to fully customize web sites.

EVO Landing is releasing a new version of its domain development system. Yesterday I got a preview of the system with EVO Landing co-founder Mark Michael, and I was very impressed.

If you aren’t familiar with EVO Landing, it is a service to auto-generate content based web sites on your domain names. But the new release goes far beyond that, turning EVO into a fully customizable domain development platform.

The new EVO Landing allows users to fully customize their web sites, either building them from the ground up or editing auto-generated sites. After selecting your general layout and number of columns, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping different modules onto your web pages (see above). For example, you can drag the “jobs” module onto a particular part of your web page to automatically show lists of jobs. Other modules include photos, podcasts, video, products, text, and several others either currently available or in development.

The most important module, of course, is text, which allows you to add your own keyword rich content to sites. EVO Landing is also working out a deal with content writers at SharedReviews so you can purchase unique content for your site. (SharedReviews is backed in part by Monster Venture Partners and Frank Schilling.)

Perhaps the best news from EVO Landing is that its pay-per-click module is expanding to include new advertising feeds, including the holy grails of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO), which had been absent from the service for a while. Michael told me the system will automatically choose which feed to include on your site based on which ad feed is paying most for the targeted keyword on that day.

EVO Landing is also adding advanced analytics that will show you how people found your sites and what keywords they used. EVO has had this data for a while, but it hasn’t been presented to customers.

Clients have submitted over 2.5 million domain names to EVO but only 50,000 are currently on its platform due to strict review criteria. EVO sends domains through two filters before allowing them on the system. The first, “Domain Quality Index”, scores domains on 25 different criteria such as length, extension, and trademarks. The second filter is a semantic filter than determines if EVO has good content for the domain and can handle the particular vertical.

The next phase of EVO will be an exchange, where people can work with developers to create sites on the EVO platform in return for a share of profits.

With all of these enhancements, the name “EVO Landing” may become irrelevant for the company. Indeed, the new system is hosted on a new URL: DevHub.com. As the company moves from auto-generated landing pages to fullscale site development tools, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a company name change.

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  1. Johnny says

    Footballcrowd,com has ads for Basket Weaving on the left side. And it has a picture of a band playing.

    If you click the links along the top it goes to blank pages.

    Also, what I see is somewhat different than the screen capture that you show above.

    Regardless, what you describe sounds exciting.

  2. Andrew says

    Johnny – that’s because I was just running a test on this domain and I haven’t finished it. All I had handy was a picture from a previous DNW post.

    The screen capture is different because the screen capture is of the edit mode.

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