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Rick Latona Auction to Be Simulcast on Web; Other Updates

Auction at TRAFFIC conference will allow for remote bidding.

Rick Latona announced that his auction at next month’s TRAFFIC conference will be simulcast on the web. The auction will use Proxibid, which Latona calls the “biggest and best online auction company in the business.”

Latona’s auction will include his own domains, including some real winners such as SecurityAlarms.com, LotteryNumbers.com, and Cyberspace.com. It is unclear how the reserves and pricing will work.

So here’s what the auction scene at TRAFFIC will look like:

Rick Latona – offering his own domains. He’s hired a live auctioneer and will simulcast on the web. [update: Rick says he’s offering other people’s domains too.]

Moniker – Moniker will hold the premier auction. As usual, it will allow for live bidding through its online interface.

TrafficZ – 60 or so premium domain names. You can submit your domains at Aftermarket.com. It will likely leverage the online bidding technology used at Domain Roundtable conferences.

Bido – it’s unclear what Bido will do. When it decided to hold a live auction it said it didn’t know what it’s exact plans were. Since then Bido has suspended its online auctions as it works through technical issues.

Rick Schwartz – Schwartz will auction off some of his own domains. I suspect that Moniker will handle the auctioning of his domains, but in a separate auction.

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  1. Kelly lieberman says

    Rick’s idea is absolutely brilliant. I think that his innovative thinking will not only make his auction an amazing success but also benefit the entire domain industry!!
    Cudos to Rick!!

  2. Rick Latona says

    We aren’t only auctioning our own names. Rick Latona Auctions, LLC is a real company and a real threat to the other companies in the auction business. Please also link to me like you did for the other companies in this article.

  3. Andrew says

    Rick, are you guys accepting open submissions for the auction? I haven’t seen anything about that. Thanks.

  4. Rick Latona says

    Yes and no, Andrew. Cyberspace.com, for example, isn’t my name.

    We are being very picky and adding 3rd party names based on our contacts and negotiations. We want low reserves and we aren’t putting names in there just to look good. It doesn’t help anyone if we know they won’t sell.

    In due time, we will open the flood gates for the general public to submit names but it is not that time yet.

    We recently won a contract for a 2nd live auction but I can’t tell you which one it is yet. You’ll find out pretty soon, though. 🙂

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