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How to Edit Domain Submissions to TrafficZ Auction

If you submitted domains to the TrafficZ/Aftermarket.com auction at TRAFFIC, here’s how to add descriptions to each of your domains.

If you’ve already submitted domains to the TrafficZ auction taking place at TRAFFIC next month in New York, you should consider adding descriptions to each of your domains.

(If you haven’t yet submitted domains, here’s a quick tutorial.)

The process for adding descriptions is fairly simple. Log in to your auction manager at Aftermarket.com and click on each lot or domain:

This allows you to edit the reserve price on the domain and add a lot description. Adding a lot description may help get your domains selected for the auction, and also will help potential buyers understand the value of your domain. For example, for headcase.com I noted that it has been registered since 1996. For MusicPhones.com I added that this is a popular term for mobile phones and has been mentioned in Samsung commercials.

TrafficZ is one of five groups auctioning domains at next month’s TRAFFIC conference taking place in Brooklyn. So far only two of the groups are accepting user submissions — TrafficZ and Moniker. Rick Latona may be selling his own domains, and Rick Schwartz will also be selling from his inventory. That leaves Bido, which will be an interesting one to watch since it has suspended its daily auctions at Bido.com due to technical problems.

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