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Big Day for Online Domain Name Auctions

Sedo and Moniker auctions end today.

Sedo’s February Great Domains auction and Moniker’s TRAFFIC silent auction both end today. Will the industry be cheering at the end of the day, or will the results be a dissapointment? Pressure is on both companies to perform.

Sedo’s auctions start ending at 2PM EST today. Sedo is under pressure to perform after its GeoDomains auction. The GeoDomains auction attracted noteworthy bids, but few domains hit their reserves. If my stats are correct, the highest sale in that auction was about $50,000.

So far its auction is getting good bids, but the question remains if any of the expensive domains will hit their reserves. As of 9:30AM EST today, the highest domain to have hit its reserve is Eggs.com at $52,560 with 26 bids.

Equipment.com is at $151,000, well below its reserve of $200,000-$500,000. Other domains and their current status include:

Annuaire.com EUR 60,000 – reserve not met
Backhoe.com $36,000 – reserve not met
Los.com $31,000 – reserve not met
Appartment.com (typo) $31,000 – reserve met
DVDburner.com $25,000 – reserve not met
Cellulitis.com $20,200 – reserve met
Boston.net $20,000 – reserve not met
ddp.com $17,500 – reserve met

Although it’s not in the auction ending today, Sedo has garnered a bid of $100,000 for c4.com. That auction ends March 4.

The silent auction for last week’s TRAFFIC conference also ends today. Bidding takes place on Moniker’s platform at silentauction.moniker.com. Bids are starting to roll in, with StorageFacility.com at $5,000, ConversionKits.com at $1,770, and SierraMadre.com at $1,760.

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