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How to Buy Expired Domains at Afternic

Afternic’s new expired domain service provides opportunity to get expired domains without much competition.

Expired domain catchers that are tired of bidding wars at SnapNames and NameJet may want to check out Afternic’s expired domain auctions. I first wrote about the new service in December, but domains finally started going to auction in late January.

Much like other services, Afternic expired auctions require you to preorder domain names. I preordered a few domains to test the system, including TexasNotaryAgent.com and IThome.com. Domains that gets a preorder is then sent to an auction in which anyone can participate. When the auction begins, domains are added to the “Closing Soon” section on Afternic’s home page and are denoted with a special symbol to show they are expired domains.

No one else bid on TexasNotaryAgent.com, so I won the domain. Afternic uses the same general process for closing expired domain transactions that it uses for regular purchases at the site. This includes the standard escrow process, which can be somewhat cumbersome compared to how you complete a transaction for expired domains at other services (it happens automatically and your credit card is on file). However, I’m sure Afternic will address this as volume increases.

Inventory for Afternic’s expired domains are fed from Melbourne IT, and auction winners must open an account at that registrar to obtain the domain.

Although the inventory isn’t as strong, domainers tired of being outbid at other domain auction services should give Afternic a try. You can review dropping domains here.

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  1. Stephen Douglas says

    I liked everything until I read that you needed to have an account at — ahem — Melbourne IT. Ever try and use their domain management system? I will change my mind if MelIT contacts me for some well-needed consultation on rebuilding their domain management backend. 🙂

    Other than that, I think Afternic is pretty good — great support and good people with a fairly simple but dependable system.

  2. WWW.CollisionDomains.com says

    I didnt have pretty good interest on Expired domain names. As i am not able to find even a single keyword of my taste. More over i have to pay more to get it. I feel register @ 7.5 bucks is much more enough for me. The only thing is i have to spent hours to analyze and find cute & crazy names to add to my portfolio. You people also do the same but capturing an already expired domain with some traffic stats Paying some high bucks. May be in your Experience much better than me.

    Bye . . .

    Best Regards.

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