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Sedo Auction Could Set Records

The latest Sedo Great Domains and .mobi auctions could set records.

Sedo’s Great Domains and .mobi auctions are growing in popularity. If early bidding is any indication, the current auctions could be the biggest yet.

Already, one of the .mobi domains look like it could break the .mobi sales price record. Games.mobi is at $142,500 with 66 bids. The .mobi auction ends tomorrow. The highest known .mobi sale to date is Flowers.commobi, which Rick Schwartz bought during a Moniker/TRAFFIC auction.

Other notable .mobi auctions that have met their reserves include Music.mobi ($51,000), Movies.mobi ($21,500), Game.mobi ($19,500), Videos.mobi ($11,611), Juegos.mobi ($10,600), Art.mobi ($9,700).

The Great Domains auction also looks promising. Invest.com is currently $431,000 but the reserve has not been met. The reserve price is under $500,000, so it’s likely that this one will sell and be one of the biggest sales of the year. The auction ends December 6.

The top domain to meet its reserve so far is Girly.com, which is currently $30,000. Other domains that haven’t met their reserve include:

Via.com – $61,000 – reserve $50k-$200k
OnlineCasino.net – $45,000 – reserve < $50k Our.com - $33,333 - reserve $50k-$200k Chica.com - $30,000 - reserve < $50k Nap.com - $30,000 - reserve $50k-$200k

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  1. Johnny B. Good

    RE: Last Statement from Jason

    Error stating Flowers.com, not Flowers.mobi

    That’s just another perfect example of the power of .com and not .mobi 🙂

    Johnny B. Good

  2. barney

    We will have 4 sales above 100k for .mobi tommorrow.. Tommorrow morning madness will erupt into a .mobi craze.

  3. don1

    games.mobi I think will end up with a winning bid of 215-225k. You have 4 bidders over 130k and you will be sure to have few suprise bids. The last hour should be fun.

    Just my wild guess….

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