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GoDaddy Signature Auction Fails to Attract Bidders

Only 1 sale in first day of auction.

The first of three days in GoDaddy’s first Signature Auctions failed to attract more than 1 bid, with only 1 of the domains selling. VirtualServer.com, the only good domain with a reasonable reserve, sold for $20,000.

My perspective is that the reserve prices were way to high. They seem much higher than experienced auctioneers such as Moniker have achieved. Here were the reserve prices for today’s domains:

BestPhone.com $15,000
DietAids.com $37,000
Dentists.mobi $15,000
SportUtility.com $125,000
HowtoInvest.com $39,000
VirtualServer.com $20,000 – sold at reserve
Even.com $175,000
Media.mobi $20,000
TravelUpdate.com $10,000
Bob.com $1,000,000

Most of these reserves are at least 2x-3x greater than what I’d expect these domains to sell for in a Sedo or Moniker auction.

The platform for the Signature Auctions is interesting. The auctions don’t have an ending time; just a chatroom moderator who opened and closed the bidding. Below is the user interface:

GoDaddy Signature Auctions screenshot

Will the final two days of the auction be more eventful than the first? Based on the reserves, I doubt it. Here are the remaining domains and reserve prices:

November 11:
Campaign2008.com $10,000
BargainBuy.com $29,000
Apartments.mobi $20,000 (this one may get some bids)
Roadwork.com $45,000
ForeignTravel.com $14,000
Grapes.com $150,000
Moving.mobi $20,000
TopBeaches.com $18,000
Houses.mobi $20,000
YB.com $200,000

November 8:
BestService.com $15,000
Maillist.com $20,000
WhyHybrid.com $10,000
MobileSecurity.com $150,000
BeautyCounter.com $25,000
CollegeFootball.mobi $20,000
Earl.com $80,000
HDTVshop.com $10,000
Smoked.com $10,000
1x.com $25,000
Six.com $1,000,000

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  1. Pete says

    I now feel a little better with the news. I could not sell even one domain at tdnam.com. Being fair I could not sell them also at Sedo.com.

    I think maybe the cheap expired domain names hurt the other domains that are listed for higher prices.

    If I were Bob I would spin off the expired domains and sell them under a new title/business and this would add value to his company. No charge for this advice Bob.

  2. Steve M. says

    SportUtility for 125k? … Roadwork at 45k? … MobileSecurity, 150K? … ugh.

    Hopefully, the new addition of Adam Dicker to the GoDaddy leadership will make these auctions actually worthy of being called “Signature”…

    Wise and prescient move, Bob.

  3. don says

    Overpriced junk..

    Houses.mobi reserve is 20k.. Now why would anyone bid on that when they could probably secure the bid on sedo for homes.mobi for that… Current bid is 5k for homes.mobi a much better name and will be a steal if it goes under 20k. Homes.mobi could be a sleeper in the sedo auction, its something you could acutally use for the .mobi

  4. Joseph says

    I can’t list domains in signature auction. It keeps telling me “Please enter in your domain name(s) and reserve price.” Any idea how to fix this? I have added my domains like this:


    also tried like this:


    Not working…

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