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Sedo releases .mobi domain parking

Domain aftermarket and parking company Sedo has released new domain parking templates for mobile phones.

The new templates allow .mobi domain owners to monetize traffic. .Mobi domains are for use on mobile devices and are attracting significant attention. At October’s TRAFFIC domain auction Flowers.mobi sold for $200,000 and Fun.mobi for $100,000, and additional sales are being announced daily.

Earlier this week Yahoo announced it is creating a new ad program for advertising on mobile devices, which typically have small screen sizes.

Sedo’s templates shrink a typical parking page to the upper left hand corner. You can see examples at headhunter.mobi and students.mobi.

Interestingly, the ads on these pages appear to be from the standard Google advertiser feeds as opposed to Google’s mobile text ads. I question the value the advertisers on Students.mobi are getting from mobile phone clicks, especially clicks to online credit card applications.

Furthermore, don’t expect much type-in traffic to .mobi domains until the public becomes more aware of these domains. Fortunately, the .mobi registry is making sure that its domains get put to use by requiring an RFP for key domains such as New.mobi, Sports.mobi, and Weather.mobi. Potential buyers of these domains must submit a plan for developing these domains. Because of the stringent requirements for these domains, the .mobi registry can be assured that these domains will be promoted heavily and give the public its first true glimpse of .mobi.

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