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Why .mobi makes sense

The new .mobi domain extension will add value to the web.

.mobi was officially opened to the public for registration today.

Not everyone thinks this new TLD adds value to the web. Vmunet has an article titled “‘Pointless’ .mobi landrush launched”. The article quotes Rachel Lashford, senior analyst and research manager at Canalys saying “Having another top level domain is a completely pointless exercise.”

Most of the time new TLDs are a pointless exercise. This isn’t just my opinion. In the 2006 Domain Name Wire Survey, 45% of respondents said they didn’t want to see any new TLDs introduced. New TLDs are usually just a way for registries, registrars, and speculators to make money.

But .mobi is different. It clarifies the mobile web, making browsing easier. Right now there are a number of different protocols for accessing the web through a mobile device. For example:


Some web sites automatically recognize visits from mobile devices, others don’t. If you’ve ever used your mobile device to visit a web site then you certainly understand the frustration.

.mobi will clarify all of this. Soon, you’ll be able to go to google.mobi, espn.mobi, and yahoo.mobi. Your mobile device will automatically use this extension, so you’ll just be able to type in “espn” or “google” and automatically land at the correct site.

Rachel, I have to disagree with you on this one. .mobi has a point.

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  1. mobiHOP says

    I believe in the great .mobi – I haven\’t slept for days dwelling over how I\’m going to grab a piece of the action and run with it.

    Time, patience, education and a few bucks is all it takes. About a month ago I got my simple mobile site going, http://www.mobiHOP.com , this was to catch a few search engines and a spider or two. But yesterday was exciting! I landed a few good names to start business with.

    Almost had top40, waterfront, and SUV but I hesitated, oh well.

    Come by my sites after a month or two and see whats going on.

    I have a blog of sorts at http://mobiHOP.com

    Chuck Johnson

    get Hoppin!

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