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Monetizing Domains with AdSense

Do you want to start off the new year with a new approach? Are you concerned about the honesty of the third party pay-per-click services? It’s possible to go directly to Google and use their AdSense program to finance you domains.

While many domain professionals use domain parking services, others prefer to develop their domains into full-fledged websites. Once this is done, then programs such as Google’s AdSense can be used to monetize the domain. The rules are a little tricky, though. You can’t build a site solely for the purpose of creating AdSense ads on it. The site must include significant real content – actual information about the subject in question. SkiWisconsin.com has been successful using this approach.

A related approach is to create a site using articles that are in the public domain or are otherwise made available for re-publication. Several sources exist for such articles, including services like ezinearticles.com and U.S. government websites. An example of a site built this way (by someone else) is herbalmeds.org.

An Online service known as The Article System can automate almost all aspects of this process. You could theoretically create unlimited content sites for under $100 with this system. I’ve tried their system and found it very helpful. In a few hours I created complete new sites for alcoholisms.com emesotheliona.org and healthblue.com. The software did all of the work of finding public domain articles, creating pages, and uploading the finished sites to my server. These sites are not pretty, but they could have been if I’d used a more interesting template.

Find out more about this approach in the 6th issue of Domain Parking News .

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