Verisign gets patent for predicting domain name renewal rates

A crystal ball for estimating domain name renewal rates.

VerisignThe U.S. Patent and Trademark office has granted patent number 9,094,467 to Verisign for “Method and system for predicting domain name registration renewal probability”.

Simply: take a number of factors about the domain name and its history to calculate the chances of it being renewed.

Verisign has to run these calculations frequently, and not just for its own forecasting. Because of the renewal grace period, it can’t give final renewal rates until 45 days after a domain expires. As a public company, it gives some guidance to analysts on each quarterly investor call even though it’s not 45 days after the end of the quarter.

Some of the factors the patent embodiments consider: Click to continue reading…

3 “New” Risks to Verisign’s Business

Company includes additional risks in its most recent quarterly filing.

.Com registry Verisign released its earnings and filed its quarterly report with the SEC yesterday.

Using Intelligize, I compared Q2’s SEC report to Q1 to look for changes. I found three interesting risk factors added to the most recent report. Some of these aren’t new risk factors, but they weren’t disclosed in the Q1 report.

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Are IDN .com owners about to get screwed?

Verisign finds way to sign ICANN contract, but it might come at the expense of IDN investors.

[Update: see comment from Verisign at end.]

It’s been a long, long wait for owners of internationalized domain names under .com.

The idea was that they’d get rights to IDN.IDN-as-transliteration domain names to match their names when they came out. So they registered domain names and held on to them for a decade, waiting for their investment to pay off.

Given that the IDN-as-transliteration sounds like “com”, it will create a lot of confusion if two different parties owned and IDN.IDN-as-transliteration.

Verisign ran into a bit of trouble executing this plan when it came to contracting with ICANN. Registries can’t hold back a bunch of domains in perpetuity, as ICM Registry discovered.

On yesterday’s Q2 conference call, Verisign CEO James Bidzos announced: Click to continue reading…

Trending keywords in .com: Gay, Zone, Buzz

Used, Gay, and three keywords matching new TLDS make the list.

Verisign has published its monthly “trending keywords” report, highlighting the keywords making the biggest jump from the May to June in .com domain name registrations.

“Used” was number one for the month. According to Verisign DomainView, there was a big spike in “used” domains registered or renewed on June 30. Over 1,700 .com domains were registered/renewed.

The Verisign trending chart only takes into consideration new registrations, which can’t be filtered on DomainView. But also keep in mind that “used” falls into other words, like conFUSED and focUSED. Click here to continue reading…