Nepal, Cuba and IoT are trending in domain names

News stories generate domain name registrations.

Verisign has released its list of trending terms in .com and .net domain name registrations last month.

A couple of terms are directly related to news stories: Nepal, which is recovering from earthquakes, came in at #8. Cuba, which is being opened up even more to the United States, ranked #4. (Read this story about a domain name investor who was really early for Cuba domain names.)

IoT, short for Internet of Things, ranked #6.

(Verisign’s DomainView is down right now, so I can’t get exact numbers of registered domains using these terms.)

Here are the top 10 trending terms in .com, which means they showed the biggest jump in registrations: Click here to continue reading…’s $100 million ad campaign includes “We put the .com in apartments”

Ad campaign promotes apartments…and .com.

apartments-com recently launched a $100 million advertising campaign, and Verisign couldn’t be happier: One of the ad lines used in the campaign is “We put the .com in apartments”.

The overall campaign is called “Change your apartment. Change the world.” and features actor Jeff Goldblum (Will & Grace, Jurassic Park) as a Silicon Valley futurist. The year-long ad campaign aims to reach 95% of 18-49-year-olds with more than 3 billion ad impressions. It includes TV ads, social media, and out-of-home placements.

Not only does every ad reinforce .com, but the “We put the .com in apartments” is the kind of promotion any top level domain operator would love someone else to pay for. Yes, the Goldblum character is making fun of Silicon Valley-esque terminology, but all press is good press.

One household cashes in twice in Verisign Contest

Twice the cash for Florida household.

Verisign Internet Official contestVerisign recently released the second batch of winners in its Internet Official contest. Here are the five that each took home $5,000: – Kate K, New York NYC – Sarah G Los Angeles, CA – Alfred M, Jacksonville FL – Michael S – Wilton CT – Terry S., Port Charlotte, FL

I couldn’t help but notice that there are now two winners from Port Charlotte, Florida. Last month Nancy Kevorkian, also of Port Charlotte, won with I figured perhaps the people knew each other through some connection and Nancy told Terry about the contest.

Knew each other might be an understatement — both have the same exact address! I’m not sure how they’re related, and neither returned my phone calls from earlier this week. (Perhaps they’re out at a nice dinner courtesy of Verisign.)

Let’s take a look at this month’s winning domain names and their history: Click here to continue reading…

Verisign wants patent for “Searchable Web Whois”

Company files patent application for improved whois searching across multiple registries.

Verisign has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a “searchable web whois”. The application was filed in 2012 and just published today.

The patent application suggests that current whois search, especially across multiple registries, is hard. It claims that current services only search a single registry per search request, it’s difficult to index whois records in real time, it’s hard to make sense of whois data compared to other types of indexed documents, and parsing words in domain names is a challenge.

While these things are difficult, I imagine some whois services will argue that they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

The application goes on to explain Verisign’s better system. I can’t quite figure out how it solves all of the problems the company identifies, at least any better than what other companies have already done. Perhaps this is one of those patents with a few unique claims. You can be the judge: Click here to continue reading…

.Com domain name winners and losers

eNom and Uniregistry do well on transfers, GoDaddy and eNom lead in new registrations.

ICANN just published the most recent .com transactions report, reflecting registrar results for .com from January.

There were no major outliers from January in terms of .com transfers, but Google Domains made an appearance on the top gainers list. 9,770 domains were transferred to Google’s new domain name registrar. I wonder if these were from consumers transferring their domains or if Google transferred some of its own domain names to its new registrar.

Here are the top five net gainers, comparing successful transfers in to transfers out: Click here to continue reading…