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  • How many new TLDs will domainers register?

    1. BY - May 13, 2014
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    Most domain investors expect to register some new domains this year.

    The current rollout of new top level domain names is a slow and steady process that will take years to complete. A lot can and will happen during this time frame.

    This year’s Domain Name Wire survey asked for opinions on new TLDs now, as in early 2014. The result is a pretty good snapshot of how people involved in several aspects of new TLDs — domainers that buy them, registrars that sell them, and registry providers that provide them — view the market at this time.

    One survey question asked how many second level domains under new TLDs people expect to register in 2014.

    I filtered this question to only show results from survey respondents who said they were domain name investors. There’s some overlap with service providers in this group as well.

    47% of respondents said they don’t plan to register any new TLDs in 2014. The other 53% plan to register anywhere from 1 to 1,000 domains. The median answer was 20 domains.

    This same group of domain name investors does not predict much downside for .com domain names as new TLDs rollout:


    The top line is the number that think .com values will rise, the middle expect little impact, and about 20% expect .com prices to fall as a result of new TLDs hitting the market.

    Domain investors didn’t answer this question much differently than registrars and other service providers. I the latter groups, about the same percentage expect .com prices to be negatively impacted, although more think there will be no effect as opposed to a positive one on .com values. Again, there’s some overlap between this group and investors.

    At the same time, more than half of both groups expect domains (e.g. .info, .biz) to be negatively impacted by new TLDs.

  • Survey: Domain Name Registrars in 2014

    1. BY - Mar 10, 2014
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    What do customers look for in a domain name registrar?

    Domain Name Wire SurveyThe 9th annual Domain Name Wire survey is open and awaiting your participation.

    As always, the survey asks some questions about domain name registrars and why people use the registrar they do.

    The survey asks participants to rank eight difference factors commonly considered by customers. There’s an additional one this year that wasn’t on the list last year: availability of the top level domain name options you like.

    Although new top level domain names are flooding the market now, there are still many notable registrars who aren’t offering them.

    As an extra incentive to complete the survey, I’m giving away a number of prizes.

  • Survey: domainers have a new favorite domain parking company

    1. BY - Feb 19, 2013
    2. Domain Parking
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    InternetTraffic selected as top domain parking company.

    Less than two years after opening his own domain parking platform, domain investor Frank Schilling is at the top of the heap.

    Participants in Domain Name Wire’s 8th annual industry survey have selected InternetTraffic as the top domain parking service.

    Data show that the domain parking business is still fragmented. InternetTraffic received 22% of the vote but seven companies received at least 6%.

    Here are the top parking companies according to the survey:

    1. InternetTraffic 22%
    2. Sedo 17%
    3. Voodoo 8%
    4. Bodis, Rook, GoDaddy, SmartName (6%, tie)

    Domain owners continue to report relatively low RPMs on their parked domains.

    38% reported earning less than $10 per 1,000 page views in 2012:


    42% of respondents said their domain parking revenue was down in 2012 compared to the prior year, with 15% reporting a drop of at least half.

    29% reported an increase while 28% said it was flat.

    Domainers aren’t bullish about 2013, either. 34% think parking revenue will go down while only 24% predict an improvement.

  • 2010 Domain Name Wire Survey – By the Numbers

    1. BY - Feb 05, 2010
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    A look behind the people who responded to this year’s survey.

    I’d like to thank each and every person who participated in this year’s Domain Name Wire Survey. 537 people in the domain industry participated this year. If you’re one of the five people who will receive a free copy of David Kesmodel’s “The Domain Game” book, you already received an email this morning.

    Here’s a look at the profile of this year’s participants:

    -537 total responses

    -25% of respondents own 1,000 or more domains, and 7% own 10,000 or more domain names

    -Respondents were from 49 countries. 57% of respondents are from the United States. Other countries with large representations include United Kingdom, India, Poland, Australia, and Canada.

    Now the hard work begins. I will start cutting the data to look for interesting trends and report the results here on Domain Name Wire. Thanks again to everyone who participated this year, and the previous four years.

  • Record Response to 3rd Annual Domain Name Wire Survey

    1. BY - Apr 16, 2008
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    Record 841 people participate in survey.

    A record 841 people participated in the Third Annual Domain Name Wire Survey. I’m delighted by the response, and I think it’s a testament to the value and credibility of the previous two surveys.

    The results of the survey will be released by topic on Domain Name Wire. Furthermore, results from some of the questions will be released at next month’s T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in Orlando.

    Here’s a quick look at who participated and the three winners:

    -Domain industry professionals from 62 countries submitted responses
    -76% of respondents were domain investors, 7% worked for registrars, and 17% were domain name service providers
    -56% of respondents own 100 or more domain names, and 22% own more than 1,000 domain names

    Randomly selected prize winners:

    Grand Prize, $100 credit at registrar of choice – Jason Hendrix
    First Prize, $50 credit at registrar of choice – Dennis Lambert
    Second Prize, $25 credit at registrar of choice – Carey Schumacher

    The first results will be regarding domain name registrars.